I made this picture to participate in cool contest by Elinchrom and Photokina. I tried to find a fun idea to promote the stuff that they are selling these days.

Prizes in this competition are quite nice too so why not to spend a little time to make a picture that could get you a nice lightning kit. ELB400 + HS head and transmitter plus HS. The old Ranger RX power pack is really heavy compared to the new stuff. It’s also REALLY powerful. I love it but there would be a place in my bag for the lighter set of lights. So I got this useful idea for second use for an old power pack. Working out at work:D

#GearSelfie #ELPhotokina

Elinchrom contest #GearSelfie

There was three lights in this picture. One through octa.Elinchrom contest #GearSelfieSecond and third through grids from far left and down right on the floor.Elinchrom contest #GearSelfieAnd not so sporty model:DElinchrom contest #GearSelfie



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