October started today and I wanted to post this image. It’s the darkest time of the year in Finland. I don’t remember when was the last time I went out into the darkness to capture a landscape. This weekend I did.

Have a great Autumn everyone.




Last weekend I went to one of those places where my grandfather took me and my brothers when we where little.

This plane was landing at the Vesivehmaa airport and I got a great opportunity to take a picture of it.

Lovely place!


Combining texture and 2D picture

It’s not always possible to make things in real life.

Sometimes it’s easier and faster to make things work with computer.

(or at least try to:D)

Today I had some time to try new stuff with Photoshop.

I wanted this pasta machine to sit on a table.

For me (first timer) this wasn’t really fast or easy. It would surely get easier time after time.

At least I didn’t have to built the floor and shoot it.

pasta_machine1Backgound image was uploaded from Graphicburger.com


I had to free transform to get the perspective right.


Here’s the machine.


Added some dodging and burning to the final image to make it look more three dimensional.


Next time it will be a lot easier for sure.




I made this picture to participate in cool contest by Elinchrom and Photokina. I tried to find a fun idea to promote the stuff that they are selling these days.

Prizes in this competition are quite nice too so why not to spend a little time to make a picture that could get you a nice lightning kit. ELB400 + HS head and transmitter plus HS. The old Ranger RX power pack is really heavy compared to the new stuff. It’s also REALLY powerful. I love it but there would be a place in my bag for the lighter set of lights. So I got this useful idea for second use for an old power pack. Working out at work:D

#GearSelfie #ELPhotokina

Elinchrom contest #GearSelfie

There was three lights in this picture. One through octa.Elinchrom contest #GearSelfieSecond and third through grids from far left and down right on the floor.Elinchrom contest #GearSelfieAnd not so sporty model:DElinchrom contest #GearSelfie


Light trails

Yesterday I was browsing stuff from the web and got inspired from long exposure landscape photography. Even though I don’t have a beautiful waterfront to photograph nearby I decided to head outside with my camera and tripod.

The sun was setting like 22:30 pm but it wasn’t dark enough. To make  this shot I had to make multiple exposures (about 20 seconds each) and then blend them together in photoshop. A nice way to blend images was pretty fast and easy.

  1. Open files you want to use in your combined image.
  2. Drag all the files in one open document
  3.  Change blend mode in “lighten” in all other layers except one.  (This makes only lighter parts of certain layer visible.)

Thanks to all those drivers who drove all night long. Without your effort this landscape wouldn’t exist.