I’ve been dreaming of a sunny vacation lately. A lot!!! It’s been away too long since the last time I was abroad. Here’s a cat from Kos too many years ago.

Cats are beautiful and majestic animals.

Midnight train

Drove like 100 kilometres to photograph stars tonight but ended up in the middle of the rain.

While driving back home I stepped of the road to see if I can get some shot to bring back home.

I was lucky to find a train track by accident and to get this train in the picture. After couple of seconds the moment was gone.


October started today and I wanted to post this image. It’s the darkest time of the year in Finland. I don’t remember when was the last time I went out into the darkness to capture a landscape. This weekend I did.

Have a great Autumn everyone.




Last weekend I went to one of those places where my grandfather took me and my brothers when we where little.

This plane was landing at the Vesivehmaa airport and I got a great opportunity to take a picture of it.

Lovely place!


Combining texture and 2D picture

It’s not always possible to make things in real life.

Sometimes it’s easier and faster to make things work with computer.

(or at least try to:D)

Today I had some time to try new stuff with Photoshop.

I wanted this pasta machine to sit on a table.

For me (first timer) this wasn’t really fast or easy. It would surely get easier time after time.

At least I didn’t have to built the floor and shoot it.

pasta_machine1Backgound image was uploaded from


I had to free transform to get the perspective right.


Here’s the machine.


Added some dodging and burning to the final image to make it look more three dimensional.


Next time it will be a lot easier for sure.