A train in Prague

I was visiting my dear friend in Prague 2013. After spending warm day wandering around the city it was time to head back at home.

I had to stop our walk to take a couple of photos from the bridge. Old architecture can be pretty beautiful.

Color balance

I recently found color balance adjusment layer in my photo editing. Adding warmth to highlights or skintones might do an honour for our subject. Even minor changes in tones will cause a big difference how we see the picture.

I ended up adding some yellow to highlights. Saturating and desaturating different parts of it. It’s like painting with colours. Definitely not suitable for journalistic use but nice on canvas.


Somewhere in the middle of rainbow

Did you know that rainbows are circles? This summer I saw somekind of halo in the sky and started to read facts about rainbows. Day before yesterday 22.9.2015 this double rainbow appeared in the sky. Luckily I was still at work and had my camera near by. I truly believe that this might have been once in a lifetime moment for me. That’s why I wanted to share this with you.

Low light

This low light landscape was taken couple of weeks ago at Copenhagen airport.
Our flight was delayed so I got little extra time to take couple of photos.Black and white works quite well in low light photos.
Smooth gradients and beautiful shades of grey.


Photograph is a capture of moment. This specific moment was made by a really good skateboarder, dark Autumn night and some camera gear.
The most important thing…
I love how the light is separating my subject from the background.
Bare flash right behind his back made the trick.

First DSLR

I found this picture from hard drive today and it still amaze me.

Picture was made for my school application spring 2008.  Image was taken from a reflection of a mirror.

It’s light by a single small external flash unit which I fired multiple times during 30 second exposure. Camera was lying on a table in a dark room.

I haven’t ever been able to make this kind of picture again afterwords.

Try it out by yourself, results can be quite dramatic!


Failure or not

As a photographer I need to make pictures under all kind of circumstances.

In my case it means that I need to carry huge amount of gear when working on location.

You never know what you’re going to get in front of you. Sun, rain, thunder storm etc.

Couple of days ago I made the worst mistake photographer could possibly do.

I didn’t pack backup gear in my back, F***!

Failure or not

Light test and a sad looking photographer

I had a clear vision of the final image in my head and one light with me.

I also had plenty of time to decide where I want to shoot and take some test shots before my subject came in to the set.

First exposure – beep, beep, beep.

And thats it, I wasn’t able to use my light source any more:(


What I learned about this?

The most important thing for photographer is to have couple of different ideas in mind before going on assignment.

Plan B be will save your ass if your gear fails.

Ideas are also not as heavy to carry than an extra bag:D




Shout it out loud

The best way to listen music is to be in the same room with musicians who make music.

Live experience is unique. The feeling that sound waves can create by moving air in to our ears is amazing.

It’s been really long time since I’ve been to a live gig.

This photo was taken way back at Finlandia Klubi in Lahti.

Singer is Jonna Tervomaa. The song I don’t even remember.

When I look her face in this picture I can feel the goose bumps at my neck again.

I see fire

“Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me”

-Ed Sheeran

A guy I truly admire has written these words. Sometimes when you’re living a moment you might not see what’s really going on.

But now I see.