Last Friday night I went out to shoot so called “blood moon”. Unfortunately there were too many clouds in the sky to even see the moon. You don’t always get what you want especially if you have a clear vision in your mind what you want to photograph. But luckily you might find another object as I did on my way to the spot where I waited for the moon to show up. These little guys made my trip worth it!

Coast of Finland

Last week I got an opportunity to drive couple kilometres away from Helsinki and I found myself in Espoo. I’ve never realized that there are so many beautiful beaches to swim nearby. The heat has been on for over a week now and we’ve had so much sun that I can hardly believe I’m in Finland. Have a great week everyone!


Sometimes it’s nice to try how would picture look like in black and white. Often when I convert my images they look totally flat to my eye. I’m not sure if it’s because the digital file is so flat or that the colors are just so dominating in our brains. Monochromatic picture needs totally different kind of post prosessing. Volcanic soil in this picture looked beautiful in colors but I think that this landscape doesn’t need color at all. It’s much more dramatic and timeless.

Have a great weekend!


It’s amazing what you can capture with a camera. RAW files are so versatile that you can pop out things from total darkness. For me stars are quite a pain to capture. Or I would say that they are hard to find because there’s often too much light in the scene. This kind of picture needs a lot of editing. I truly admire landscape photographers who have skills to do amazing work. I took this shot a week ago at Fuerteventura.


I’ve been dreaming of a sunny vacation lately. A lot!!! It’s been away too long since the last time I was abroad. Here’s a cat from Kos too many years ago.

Cats are beautiful and majestic animals.

Midnight train

Drove like 100 kilometres to photograph stars tonight but ended up in the middle of the rain.

While driving back home I stepped of the road to see if I can get some shot to bring back home.

I was lucky to find a train track by accident and to get this train in the picture. After couple of seconds the moment was gone.